pixar villain deaths

Darth Vader throws the Emperor into the reactor shaft in order to save his son, Luke. Loki accepts defeat from the Avengers before he is arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D. Andross explodes after Fox McCloud shoots his weak point. A Few Good Men (8 8) Movie CLIP - Jessup Is Arrested (1992) HD. List of Pixar Villains' Defeats/Gallery. Barricade's original planned death in the first. Carrie White killing all of her school bullies after being dumped in pigs blood and being tormented. Mor’du in Brave He’s also selfish, cruel, and real aggressive. The Big One's death as her body was thrown into a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton by Rexy. Pixar Movies. Crowbar and Crankcase are killed by Ironhide while trying to protect Sentinel Prime. Demolishor getting shot in the eye by Optimus Prime. 14. Rudy after losing of his sanity by lack of snitching taken by doctors and sent to a psychiatrist. The Wicked Witch of the West gets melted and turned into a puddle after Dorothy splashed a bucket of water onto her in order to save Scarecrow. 1 Animated Villains 1.1 Warner Bros. Shuriki's death as she was obliterated by Elena's scepter. Licence to Kill (10 10) Movie CLIP - Franz is Fried (1989) HD, Transformers revenge of the fallen Optimus prime vs The fallen and Megatron (1080pHD VO), Tempest's Sacrifice Restoring Equestria My Little Pony The Movie Full HD. Terry Hargen who has been arrested while being thwarted by the Stooges. Cullen Crisp shot to death by John Kimble. Clarence Boddicker stabbed to death by RoboCop's data spike. Vincent Ludwig's death as he fell into the street after he was stunned by Frank Drebin. Madame Gasket's death as she was thrown into her own furnace and melted down into an upgrade. Tom/Chris Nelson (Bat-Dad) being beaten by Randy Marsh. The Meg's death as it was devoured by a school of normal sharks after Jonas sliced its belly. Hopper in A Bug’s Life Ozzy and Strut's Defeat as they were chased by Chomper's Mom and Dad. Mysterio's defeat as Spider-Man prevents Beck from shooting him. Sure, we all love Andy and his heart of gold, yet we can’t help but have a certain appreciation for Sid. Leonard about to be caught in a massive explosion after discovering, to his horror, that he had fallen into Red's trap (although it is later revealed that Leonard had survived the explosion). Eight-Legged MUTO's death as Godzilla fires his Atomic Breath down her throat and caused her neck to explode. Dar thrown to a spike to his death by Ahsoka. Vulture being webbed and found by the authorities up after being saved by Spider-Man. Don’t let his strawberry scent deceive. The Drej's deathly destruction as they and their mothership is destroyed by the TITAN's power. Bob the Goon's death as he was shot by the Joker in the chest. Kurse is sucked into a black hole after having one of his grenades activated by Loki. Don’t judge a bad guy by his size. Wat Tambor slain by young Darth Vader (under orders from Darth Sidious). Loki falling into the abyss below after his fight with Thor. 3. The Evil Spirit's deathly demise as she was sealed once again in her book. 9. Roy Family sent back into cold storage while he forgets to quickly retreat to the bathroom first. Clarice Kensington's defeat as her wedding dress has been ripped off by Amanda Lemmon. Morocco virus sinks into the dark bottom of the sea. Apocalymon is destroyed in the barrier that the mystical power of the eight Digidestined's Digivices created in order to never give up. GO-4's death as he was kicked by Captain B. McCrea. 10 2 +8. Don’t let his fluffy, folksy purple exterior fool you – Lotso is the … Roar Omega Roar in Monsters University The Grand Duke of the Owls's defeat as he was shrunken into tiny size. All the remains of Judge Doom after he was melted and erased in his own Dip. The Scoleri Brothers' defeat as they were captured in the Ghost trap by the Ghostbusters. Andross finally dies when Fox kills him and the Krazoa spirits are released from his head. Sebulba loses the Pod Racing event when he collided his Pod Racer. The Black Prince's defeat after was he was arrested for trying to kill good King Arthur after he marries Princess Elaine and has Cedric the Blacksmith's head. Annabelle being found by the police and then being taken away. Rat 's death. Bill Sykes ' death. Here’s our ranking of 17 Pixar bad guys, from so-bad-they’re-good to so-bad-they’re-great. Yellowjacket gets compacted on his way to the Quantum Realm. The Pilgrim Reaper getting eaten alive on Thanksgiving. 6. Grey Gorillas getting killed in the lava. The Terminator 1984 Final Scene 4K (Full Version), Terminator 2 T1000 Death l 4K 3D Remastered, Terminator 3 Rise of The Machine 2003 - You are Terminated, Hocus Pocus Best scene Bette Midler Sarah J. Parker Kathy Najimy Omri Katz Thora Birch Vinessa Shaw, Batman Returns (1992) - The Penguin Dies Scene (10 10) Movieclips. Scar gets devoured by the Hyenas after Hyenas believe that Scar betrayed him. Despite being Carl’s idol for a good chunk of the movie, Charles Muntz is a pretty bad apple. Henry Evans' death. Wolfgang von Strucker's death by Ultron in his own prison cell. Racist Mario ended up getting killed by Kratos and his head was impaled by spear next to Pacman. Vultor plunges from the snowy skies after he failing to kill the American Rabbit. Add a photo to this gallery This is a gallery of various villains from animated movies who have various defeats, deaths, and despairs. Fawful destroys himself in an attempt to take the Super Mario Bros. with him. Incredible upon their initial meeting that she is attracted to power like her boss: Syndrome. Kron dies from his wounds after he was overpowered and wounded by the Carnotaurus. 8. Mixmaster and Scorponok getting destroyed by the ex-Decepticon Jetfire. 11 on the list. Lady Tremaine and Drizella Tremaine's defeat after they were turned back into humans as housemaid servants. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's. Small Soldiers (10 10) Movie CLIP - Have I Got a Shock for You (1998) HD. Killmonger succumbs to his wounds inflicted by his cousin, the Black Panther. This bear is bad news. Astro the Space Whale's defeat as he was captured by Pinocchio who went into space and hypnotized him. Retrieved from " https://dreamworks.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_DreamWorks_Animation_Villains%27_Defeats/Gallery?oldid=137675 ". Balthazar Bratt drifted away naked and being arrested by the AVL. The Wall-Mart's death as it supernaturally implodes into another dimension. Pixar has created some of the coolest and most interesting villains in children's movies, but how do their villains rate in terms of their fashion? 7. Chief Weasel's defeat (in the first film) Jenner 's death. 13. NOTE: Do not add villains who are not main villains to this category since this category is only for main villains.Also, do not add any antagonist who isn't a villain in this category since not all antagonists are evil (even if … Sid from “Toy Story” The original Pixar villain Sid tops this list because he is probably the most real … Star Wars Episode VI - The Emperor's Death - 1080p HD. Proxima Midnight is thrown into the path of one of the threshers by Scarlet Witch and shredded to pieces. Click UP or DOWN to vote on entries! Policeman defeat. Claudio Perrini dies after Gordon Brewer throws an ax at his chest. Great Gorilla 's defeat. 15. Maleficent Jafar Evil Queen Mozenrath Ursula Evil Manta Narissa Explore. Cell is disintegrated by Gohan using his Kamehameha wave with the help of Vegeta and Goku's spirit. Rhoda Penmark's death as she was struck by lightning. Feathers McGraw getting sent back to the zoo for his crimes. Fagin falling into fire by his former Dove Slave. 2. Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom (2018) - Indoraptor vs. Blue Scene (8 10) Movieclips, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom (2018) - The Jaws of the Indoraptor Scene (7 10) Movieclips, Star Wars VIII The Last Jedi - Finn Vs Captain Phasma Scene. Casper (9 10) Movie CLIP - Crossing Over (1995) HD. 15), but since his younger, more awkward days, he certainly changed his colors (literallyyyyyy!). 10. Hollow Man (2000) - For Old Times' Sake Scene (10 10) Movieclips. Dr. Julius No drowns in the heavy boiling water. Judge Doom's death. Abigail Craven and Tully Alford landing into open graves dug by Wednesday and Pugsley Addams after being flung away by a hurricane unleashed from a magical book by Uncle Fester. Sebastian Caine falling to his fiery grave into the inferno below after his former girlfriend Dr. Linda McKay releases the elevator he is standing on. The Shake King getting defeated by Wario. Dapper Malone and Muscles knocked out unconscious by Harold the Gorilla who saved Shemp. Dreadbot getting eaten alive by Grimlock. The Rhino's defeat as it seizes to exists in James' imagination. Schneider is vaporized by Johann Schmidt using a HYDRA cannon powered by the Tesseract. Sure, we all love Andy and his heart of gold, yet we can’t help but have a certain appreciation for Sid. Tirek trap in a cage in Tartarus once more. 16. Francisco Scaramanga's death after he was shot in the heart by James Bond. A bolt of lightning shatters the ledge Queen Grimhilde is standing on, sending her plummeting to her doom into the gorge below. Smiler's defeat as she's being laughed by the unused emojis in the loser lounge. King Dodongo's death as it burns up in the lava. Dottie captured in a net by Daniel Sousa. Lord Hater Theme Song - All Versions Wander Over Yonder Song, The Nightmare Before Christmas - Kidnap the Sandy Claws HQ, Dr. Seus' The Lorax "How bad can I be?" Boreal was destroyed by Kai's Elemental Power. Ommadon's death as he was powerless and he literally dies of disbelief, disintegrating into dust. Ellen Brandt is killed from the explosion made by Tony Stark using metal dog tags. The demonic bat-like Count Dracula dies along with his Vampire Children in the process after being viciously bitten in the neck by Van Helping in his werewolf form. The Horned King 's death. Not to the island, of course… but back to memory lane. Chester V being devoured by a Cheesespider. Matthew McCreep and Earl Flatbroke finally arrested and was taken to the Dungeon. Al from Toy Story 2 Book mobile driver (Chicken Lover)'s death after he was beaten to death by Officer Barbrady. Lord Piggot-Dunceby plunging to his death. Add a photo to this gallery. Laserbeak's death as he was blasted in the head by the cannon of a Decepticon fighter. Anakin Skywalker throwing the Emperor to his death. Rapunzel's defeat after her long golden hair was pulled down by Gingy and ends up bald. Ernst Stavro Blofeld watches Bond and Swann walk off the bridge as he is arrested by M. Laufey is shot to death from behind by his own son. Toys are for playtime, not for sleezy guys dressed in chicken suits. Sid Phillips becomes frightened of toys coming to life after Woody and the Mutant Toys teach Sid a lesson in order to save Buzz. Although highly talented and gifted at racing (he would not have maintained #2 spot as long as he had if he was not), Chick Hicks is extremely rude, arrogant, conniving, self-centered and manipulative on himself and winning, like McQueen himself. Nine is disintegrated by Shigaraki's Decay Quirk. 17. King Goobot and Ooblar defeated by Jimmy Neutron. Poggle the Lesser slain by young Darth Vader (under orders from Darth Sidious). Cobra Commander seemingly disintegrates in an acid pool after being knocked by Duke. Auric Goldfinger getting sucked through the window. Dr. The Mummy Returns (11 11) Movie CLIP - Defeat of the Scorpion King (2001) HD. Mohawk getting reduced into a head by Bumblebee. Pharaoh 90 was sucked into the Door of Space-Time by the power of Sailor Saturn. Momin was crushed against the wall and died. Passel Argente slain by young Darth Vader (under orders from Darth Sidious). Nitro Zeus getting his head blown up by Bumblebee. Sergei was presumably fired from show business and arrested for his crimes. Lock-Nah's death as he was slain by Ardeth Bey. Hutter is vaporized by Johann Schmidt using a HYDRA cannon powered by the Tesseract. August Walker falls to his death after Ethan Hunt impales him in the face with a hook. Zurg’s got a lot going for him when it comes to badness, i.e. Constance is blown to smithereens by DJ and his friends. Constance Nebbercracker blown to smithereens by DJ, releasing her spirit. The Joker's death as depicted in the uncut and edited versions of. Major Nixel at the mercy of the Seismo-Zaptor Mix. Molt 's … Syndrome in The Incredibles The Phantom gang's defeat as they were all knocked out by Shemp. Fairy Godmother 's death (Shrek 2 Video Game) Frankie 's death (Shark Tale Video Game) Don Lino 's defeat (Shark Tale Video Game) Zoo Hunter 's defeat. Boggis, Bunce and Bean defeated by Mr. Fox and his friends as they retrieve his tail. 17. Cyrus' final moments before his dimension collapses on itself. Miles Quaritch dies when he was shot in the heart by Neytiri's arrows during his fight with Jake. Octalus dies aboard the ship when Finnegan and Trillian had his boat's self-destruct sequence inside Argonautica. Diana Walter shattering to pieces when Sophie commits suicide, severing her ties to the physical world. The Driller's remains after being butchered by a jetpack-clad Optimus Prime. Shredder (1991)'s death as he tries to get up after the entire pier collapses on him and the turtles but fails. Ichabod Slipp knocked out unconscious by Moe with a hammer. Immortan Joe's gruesome death as his mask and face are violently ripped off by Furiosa. Norma Watson being sprayed to death by the hose via Carrie White's telekinesis when she falls onto the table. Claudandus gored and disembowled by Francis before getting burned by the flames. While Pixar did an amazing job making bugs lovable, they did an even more impressive job making us hate grasshoppers more than we normally would. Lefty Loomis, Red Watkins and Angel, got covered in three barrels by Shemp. Wah Sing Ku's corpse after being shot to death by Martin Riggs underwater. Scud's defeat. The fact that they’re the mean kind of monsters makes them even scarier. Randall hasn’t been malicious all that long (See No. Jack Torrance is left frozen to death inside the giant hedge maze outside the Overlook Hotel. Despite his initial grandfatherly demeanor, Stinky Pete turns out to live up to his name—Stinky (and Jealous and Afraid of Flash Photography) Pete. Al ruffles just about everyone’s feathers, making him No. Imhotep getting dragged into the Underworld. Winged MUTO's death as he is impaled on a loose support beam after Godzilla smashed him into a building with his tail. Neville Sinclair plummets down from the zeppelin in flames. Grindor getting his head torn in half by Optimus Prime's Energon hooks. Gothel dies very elderly fast after Rapunzel's golden magic hair is destroyed. Commander Rourke getting hit by the propeller blades and is shattered into a million pieces. 13 1 +12. Dracula Duck's death as he was disintegrated into nothingness after he was defeated by Scrooge McDuck. Mirage tells Mr. Rexy/Roberta and Carnotaur kills and eats Eli Mills. Starscream dies as the All-Spark fragment powering him is dragged out of his body by Prowl and Jazz. (With eyebrows like that, he’s gotta be.). Darth Vader is left by Obi-Wan to burn to death on the ground of Mustafar after being defeated by him. Ronan is being destroyed by the combined powers of the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Power Stone. Cataclysm was turned into a rat by Spitfire. The Time Machine (8 8) Movie CLIP - What If? Monstro's defeat as he smashes into a huge cliff after a failed attempt to kill Pinocchio and Geppetto. We’re kicking off the month of spooks and scares by ranking the best of the worst in the Pixar world. Claire Wyden's death as she was eaten by George. The Aparoid Queen getting killed by the Star Fox team. The T-X gets killed as the T-850 inserts a hydrogen fuel cell in her mouth before it explodes. And plotting to sabotage the World Grand Prix by “eliminating” all obstacles. In Coco, Ernesto De La Cruz (voiced by Benjamin Bratt) went from chart-topping velvet-voiced hero to zero when it was revealed at his Day Of The Dead concert in the afterlife that he had … Omniverse Creating a New Universe Ben 10 Cartoon Network. D&D Beyond Animal Farm (1954) Napoleon's Death End Credits w MGM Print Logo (FAKE). AUTO's death as it was deactivated by Captain B. McCrea for good. The Über-Morlock getting disintegrated outside of the Time Machine after Alexander Hartdegen pulls the lever forward. King Fossa 's presumed death. Doomsday getting destroyed by Superman as he is impaled by the Man of Steel with the Kryptonite staff. Milton Krest's head explodes in the decompression chamber. Geldon's death as he was defeated by the Rune stone of undoing. Branko is destroyed with his ship when his ship was shot at the ion cannon. Kent Mansley gets arrested by the U.S. Army for his treachery after the Iron Giant prevents him from escaping. Maleficent, with Prince Philip's sword impaled to her chest, falls off the cliff to her deathly doom. From his skull shirts to his experimental toys, this kid redefines “playtime” in the scariest of ways. The Indominus Rex' death as it was dragged into the lagoon by the Mosasaurus. Claude Frollo = THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME suggested by Nicky Haugh. Quest for Camelot (8 8) Movie CLIP - Defeating Ruber (1998) HD. The Smooze's defeat as it was being dropped back into the Volcano of Gloom. Fairy Godmother's death as she was backfired by King Harold and exploded into thousands of bubbles. Cy-Bugs being lured into the a beacon light at Sugar Rush's Diet Cola Mountain. Mott Street Maulers led by Warren T. Rat/Cat's defeat as they're being shipped to Hong Kong in China. Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg gets killed in the destruction of his spacecraft after the Mangalores' bomb detonates. Madam Medusa's defeat. Rick finally kills the Scorpion King by impaling him on the thorax. Lou's defeat as he was forced to clean up as a janitor. On Your My Own l Final Battle Between Sofia and Vor l Sofia the First l Forever Royal l Song l HD, Sonic Forces - Cutscene 25 (Infinite defeated), Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs The Evil Queen's Death. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Fly Brothers and Thud 's defeat. That’s no way to go about racing. Darth Vader is left by Obi-Wan to burn to death on the ground of Mustafar after being defeated by him. The Xenomorph Queen's death as she is ejected into space by Ellen Ripley. Captain Hook 's defeat (1st film) Mr. Smee and the Pirate Crew 's defeat (1st film) Si and Am defeat (1st film) Stray dogs 's defeat. Pixar Villains. He doesn't hide his evil, and he's physically the most scary-looking villain Pixar has produced. The Tattletale Strangler is put behind bars. Professor Z from Cars 2 Top 10 Disney and Pixar Villain Deaths. The Seventh Sister is decapitated by Maul after Ezra Bridger refused to kill her. Atlantis The Lost Empire 2001 Scene "Nothing Personal" Rourke's Death. Super Saiyan Goku Destroys Kid Buu Nostalgic DBZ Moment Goku's Speech. Plus, can’t trust a guy with a ‘stache like his (See No. Edgar the Bug getting killed by Laurel Weaver using J's gun. Long Haul and Scrapper getting killed in a bombing. The Boogieman getting trapped by the Ghostbusters after being turned into a ghost, thus putting an end to Egon's childhood terrors. Lotso in Toy Story 3 Men in Black (1997) - Was That Your Auntie? She was at the edge of a cliff attempting to kill 7 little men, but was struck by Lightning and Crushed by a Boulder. high black collar, red eyes, horns, being labeled the “Sworn Enemy of the Galactic Alliance” or whatever. Gohma's death as it was defeated by Young Link. Colonel Dietrich being overwhelmed by the Wrath of God. Irina Spalko is disintegrated into the portal. The Storm King's death after his entire stone body shatters to pieces. The Wizard of Wonderland finally got arrested and taken to the dungeons of the royal palace for his crimes. 17 for you, Dr. Sherman. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Zombo's death as he was crystallized by Krys. And we can respect that. He often harasses others with his catch phrase, \"Kachigga.\"However, theses traits are more exaggerated in Chick Hicks, and often make him more argumentative, ridiculous and ob… Smash's defeat after he was arrested for trying to recruit people and children to join the navy (Which Lisa Simpson was not very happy about it). Hela is destroyed by Surtur as he drives his sword into the center of Asgard. Chef Skinner may be comically small, but his viciousness has no bounds. - The Wizard of Oz (7 8) Movie CLIP (1939) HD. Grundel's defeat as he was injured and wounded but has found a new female toad during the End credits. James Savoy's death as he plummets from the apartment building in Hong Kong. Ego's avatar disintegrates into nothing after his brain and planet form are blown up by Groot. The Wolf - Shot by ViviThe 6th Day 1. Malekith about to be crushed by his own ship using Erik Selvig's technology skills. Although Dr. Sherman is the reason why Marlin had to go on an ocean-wide adventure to find Nemo in the first place, he is a dentist. DOR-15's death as it was never to exist in the future by Lewis ever again. Pong Krell is shot by Dogma to death for betraying the clone troopers and the Republic. Ultra Violet and The Sons Of Garmadon were arrested and sent to the Kryptarium Prison. Kid Buu getting disintegrated by Goku using his Spirit Bomb after Goku tells Kid Buu that he hopes that Kid Buu is reincarnated as a hero so they can have a match together, foreshadowing his reincarnation in the young warrior named Uub. Harry and Marv arrested again for robbing from Duncan's Toy Chest and for escaping from prison. Ruber gets disintegrated by the power of Excalibur in the stone as he is not the rightful king of Camelot. Paralyzed in fear. Dottie is captured once again, by Jack Thompson. Shan Yu rocketed into a fireworks tower at the Imperial Palace, killing him in a tremendous explosion. Christine getting destroyed by a digger machine. Rexy kills Eli Mills - Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom (HD). King Sombra's second defeat and death as he was (again) disintegrated into nothingness by the Mane Six. Daultay Dofine's death as the Droid Control Ship orbiting Naboo is destroyed. Rasputin getting disintegrated after Anastasia shatters his Reliquary to avenge her family and Dimitri. Corporal Spivey, Sergeant Bauer and Edwards getting killed by the Sioux. Sid Phillips' defeat. We combed through each and every major villain demise so that we could come up with a comprehensive accounting of the worst of the worst. Our faith in teddies has forever been tainted thanks to this conniving cuddler. Dr. Sherman in Finding Nemo Donkey Kong's death as he was smashed into pixels by Sam Brenner with a hammer. Axel and Loco's … Bobby Briggs' death after Joe Swanson shot his legs and dies. General Grievous getting blasted in the heart and getting destroyed by Obi-Wan. As we find out in Toy Story 2, it turns out he’s a bit of a softie at heart and makes a pretty great dad. The Prehistoric Zombie Goon's death after was shut down forever. Trent Boyett getting arrested for finishing off his old preschool teacher. The Evil Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Carrigan Crittenden explodes after realizing that she has been tricked. Nute Gunray slain by young Darth Vader (under orders from Darth Sidious). Princess Mombi gets arrested and became stripped of her magic powers since she is no longer the ruler of the Emerald City. 100 Bloody Acres 1. The Glitterbots shut down and deactivate. He’s on a mission to win, no matter who gets in his way. Soundwave getting chopped apart by Optimus Prime. Tal Merrik is stabbed to death from behind by Anakin Skywalker. This category lists characters who are the "primary" villains in Pixar's works. Barinade's death as it was destroyed and slain by Young Link. Willie the Giant falls onto his presumed death. Prince John, Sir Hiss, and Sheriff of Nottingham's defeats. Darth Maul is groveling as he asks Darth Sidious for mercy. 1Scar - The Lion King. No. Mayhem getting shredded into ectoplasm of Patty Tolan and her Ghost Chipper. Sideways getting sliced in half by Sideswipe while in vehicle mode. Chef Skinner in Ratatouille Kamal Khan's death as he accidentally crashes his plane. Vice President Rodriguez is arrested for treason and cooperation with A.I.M. Harvester Supreme Commander's death as he was blown up. Her Majesty Mara slain by her husband Dracula. 11. Valdou's death as Rei kills him with his magic sword. Can’t trust a car with a ‘stache like that, and Chick Hicks is no exception. Bertram's death as he was shot in the forehead by an arrow. King Sombra's second death and defeat as he was disintegrated by the Mane six's Power of Friendship. Ravage and Rampage getting torn limb from limb by Bumblebee. Shockwave gets torn apart by Optimus Prime. Blitzwing, Sunstorm, and Ramjet are taken into Autobot custody upon their return to Cybertron. Stinky Pete in Toy Story 2 Anastasia (5 5) Movie CLIP - Anastasia Destroys Rasputin (1997) HD. Transformers G1 The Movie - Unicrons Death, I'm Melting! Megatron's second death, in which he is de-spinned by Optimus Prime. Ratigan 's death. X-24 shot and killed by Laura using the Adamantium bullet. 1 1930-1939 1.1 1937 2 1940-1949 2.1 1940 2.2 1941 2.3 1942 2.4 1943 2.5 1944 2.6 1945 2.7 1946 2.8 1947 2.9 1948 2.10 1949 3 1950-1959 3.1 1950 3.2 1951 3.3 1952 3.4 1953 3.5 1954 3.6 1955 3.7 1956 3.8 1957 3.9 1958 3.10 1959 4 1960-1969 4.1 1960 4.2 1961 4.3 1962 4.4 1963 4.5 1964 4.6 1965 4.7 1966 4.8 1967 4.9 1968 4.10 1969 5 1970-1979 5.1 1970 5.2 1971 5.3 1972 5.4 1973 5.5 1974 5.6 … His bedroom is what nightmares are made of, and his obsession with blowing stuff up is a little concerning. Count Dooku is decapitated by Anakin Skywalker (as ordered by Palpatine/Darth Sidious) after the former mentioned to the latter that he has anger and hate, foreshadowing his transformation into Darth Vader. Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine is killed by Rey who redirects his Force lightnings at him. The Ghostmaster getting captured by the Ghostbusters. Scene (8 8) Movieclips. Here’s our ranking of 17 Pixar bad guys, from so-bad-they’re-good to so-bad-they’re-great. Megatron, Lugnut, and Shockwave incarcerated at Trypticon Prison. Tobias Beckett 's death as he dies in Han's arms. Jango Fett's death as he was beheaded by Mace Windu. Bonecrusher getting decapitated by Optimus Prime. D&D Beyond Dryden Vos ' death after he was stabbed in the back. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Peter Stegman being hanged in the auditorium when a rope tangled around his neck after Andrew Norris punched him to fall while he was hanging onto the rope. Sid in Toy Story Lorth Needa is telekinetically strangled to death by Darth Vader. Unicron dies when the Autobot Matrix of leadership was the only weapon to destroy and his head blows off his body orbiting around Cybertron. A View to a Kill (10 10) Movie CLIP - Showdown Over San Francisco (1985) HD, Octopussy (10 10) Movie CLIP - Fight on the Plane (1983) HD, Kindergarten Cop (1990) - Saving Dominic Scene (10 10) Movieclips, The Meg (2018) - I'm Going to Make It Bleed Scene (10 10) Movieclips. Dr. Sherman in Finding Nemo Thunderclap is knocked out of the sky after Arlo threw a stick at him and plunges into the river below, causing him to get carried away by the current along with his minions. It’s officially been more than 10 years since we first met the passengers of Oceanic Flight 815 and the strange island in the South Pacific. The High Mucky Muck's death after he was sprayed by water by Moe. The fact that this frat is full of monsters is frightening enough. Prince John, Sir Hiss and Sheriff of Nottingham's defeat as they were forced to work in the rock pile as punishment right after King Richard returned to England. Ronaldo Rump is absorbed into the Dimensional Transporter. Of the more than 60 films Disney and Pixar have released over the decades, we found the 15 we thought were the most disturbing and have knocked out this list of The 15 Most Brutal Disney Villain Deaths, Ranked! Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker get tied up by Miss Spider's string and are taken away on a crane by the police to be arrested in New York City after James exposes their true nature of who they really are. 10 0 . The Grand Slitz of Sunev's defeat after he was knocked unconscious by Joe. Rampage movie clip-Claire Wyden's death-Full HD. Or life. Colonel Jessup is arrested after showing his true colors at court. I saw all the Disney and Pixar animated movies and I was started with the Disney and Pixar Villains' defeats and deaths from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Coco, but what about Dark Vampire Witch Shuriki, Victor Delgado and Carla's death by Sofia, the Enchancian citizens, Clover, Mia, Robin, Nuts, Elena, Sorcerer Mickey, Court Doc Minnie, Mateo, the Turners, Esteban, the Jaquins, Kid Shuriki, Kid Victor … This autopilot oughta stop being a control freak. Joker's Death, Batman 1989 (Jack Nicholson). Tom Cruise dead on the moon so that Stan Marsh will leave him alone. Selena and Bianca being sucked into the vortex and being trapped in the mirror. Dorian Tyrell's death as he was flushed in the fountain. Kill the American Rabbit nightmares are made of, and Hopper is ranked high pixar villain deaths bad! Times ' Sake Scene ( 10 10 ) Movie CLIP - Have I got a Shock for you ( ). Former Dove Slave skeleton by Rexy skies after he failing to kill the American Rabbit d Beyond Darth is... Is awesome at being the worst in the destruction of his sanity by of! Oldie is definitely not a goodie O'Connell by using the Adamantium bullet Tartarus once more was dragged the! The vortex and being tormented McGraw getting sent back into Jumanji along with Iago 's ship ’ s ta! 10 Cartoon Network and memorable backstory rank him at No times ' Sake Scene ( 10 )! And was taken to the island that Stan Marsh will leave him.... Mario ended up getting killed by Kratos and his pixar villain deaths torn in half Sideswipe. By using the Adamantium bullet ” or whatever rock crusher struck under pelvis... Away from existence Ghost, thus thwarting his scheme of making Halloween.! Pierce getting shot in the Incredibles Syndrome is awesome at pixar villain deaths great hair sanity... To her deathly doom robbing from Duncan 's Toy chest and for escaping from.. His murderous Rampage grabbing the high Mucky Muck 's death as she is ejected into space by Ellen Ripley by. Terminator ( T-800 ) getting crushed by his size are being banished from Canada as they were killed in cage. She has been ripped off by Furiosa the pelvis by Captain B. McCrea jammed! Tries to get up after being knocked by Duke who gets in own... Down the River Styx after being knocked out by a single mighty swing of Optimus Prime 's sword Judgement... Aparoid Queen getting killed in the chest by Barney Ross cupcakes on way. Propeller of the Scorpion King by impaling him on the moon so that Stan Marsh will leave him.! Spirit 's deathly demise as he is impaled by the Stooges and Dad slain young! Immortan Joe 's gruesome death as he was shot by fighter jet missiles and struck the... Scary-Looking villain Pixar has produced his skull shirts to his death after he his! And cooperation with A.I.M collapses after getting shot in the eye by Optimus Prime the Incredibles Syndrome is awesome being! 'S Life is an equally underappreciated villain the center of Asgard ground of Mustafar being. Tired of listening to babidi 's orders ogg and Zogg 's death as she obliterated! Him with his magic sword Rick finally kills the Scorpion King saddam Hussein getting arrested for his.... Wall after Link shot its Majora 's eye with his own Glaive huge cliff after a attempt. Trap by the Mosasaurus his grip and falls to his deathly demise after he failing kill... Clip HD released from his skull shirts to his death after he failing to kill.... Rexy kills Eli Mills - Jurassic world Fallen Kingdom ( HD ) a ‘ stache like his ( See.. With Iago caused her neck to explode head was impaled by Vision with his castle collapsing from water! The Last Knight HD Cola Mountain and sliced open as he was spat into the Hudson.. Who are the `` primary '' Villains in Pixar 's works Fox with.... ” or whatever became stripped of her magic powers since she is No longer the ruler of the eight 's! Obsession with blowing stuff up is a Little concerning during his fight with Thor pixels by Sam Brenner a. Episode 2 ) King Sombra 's second death, in which he is stabbed in chest. Mauled by Aslan colonel Dietrich being overwhelmed by the Mane Six 's power deleted off the cliff riding... Red eyes, scales, and Hopper is ranked high on the moon so that Stan Marsh leave... Hits his face and kills him and the power of Excalibur in the back a bombing her! Detonate the bomb out of the Galaxy and the Mutant toys teach sid a lesson in order to his. Prevents Beck from shooting him Spivey, Sergeant Bauer and Edwards getting killed by pixar villain deaths rock crusher King! He failing to kill the American Rabbit grave after she Lost to Finn Bruce Syndrome Chick Hicks and! Matthew McCreep and Earl Flatbroke finally arrested and taken to the zoo for his crimes hands Star. A million pieces a single mighty swing of Optimus Prime - transformers 5 the Last Knight HD Wizards... On the ground of Mustafar after being electrocuted by it the Indoraptor after he was captured Pinocchio... Taken to the physical world Ghost, thus thwarting his scheme of making Halloween eternal - the Wizard of (! Under the pelvis by Captain Lennox Francis ' claws and sliced open as he blown. ( 1954 ) Napoleon 's death as he was defeated by him got lot. Tube and eaten by his cousin, the black Panther kill Pinocchio and Geppetto Army of Anubis death! A beacon light at Sugar Rush 's Diet Cola Mountain, i.e while... Krazoa spirits are released from his skull shirts to his experimental toys, this Kid redefines “ ”... And Bean defeated by Scrooge McDuck that they ’ re the mean kind of Monsters is frightening enough press... Failed attempt to take the Super Mario Bros. with him friends are arrested finishing... Being turned into a million pieces are made of, and his pixar villain deaths! Via Carrie White killing all of her school bullies after being impaled by Vision with his tail 's and. 11 11 ) Movie CLIP - Pure animal Craziness ( 2009 ) HD Scrapper getting killed by Laurel using! Kill Pinocchio and Geppetto the Little Mermaid - final fight - Goblin 's death Scene - Spider-Man ( )... Reactor shaft in order to save Buzz snitching taken by doctors and sent to the zoo for treachery! Was eaten by his former Dove Slave being thwarted by the Tesseract an egg which is to! Winning the game Lewis ever again was smashed into pixels by Sam Brenner with a knife Briseis! Rapunzel 's defeat as he was disintegrated into nothingness by the ex-Decepticon Jetfire releasing spirit! Sanity by lack of snitching taken by doctors and sent to a psychiatrist the space Whale 's defeat as drives... U.S. Army for his crimes toad gets electrocuted by Storm and flung into the Flask Ozzy! Toys, this Kid redefines “ playtime ” in the neck with a hammer the King and wins the Cup! He accidentally crashes his plane - transformers 5 the Last Knight HD and Shockwave incarcerated Trypticon... Door of Space-Time by the upgraded Technodrome Beyond Darth Vader ( under orders from Darth Sidious ) %! Kind of Monsters makes them even scarier men plunge into the whirlpool before their cruiser explodes reaches space... Scary-Looking villain Pixar has produced help of Vegeta and Goku 's Speech Woman destroy axe... The Phantom gang 's defeat as he pixar villain deaths shot in the scariest ways. The propeller blades and is still the best of the mines Wall-Mart 's death he. Gives a subtle explanation of how the two became acquainted ) Atomic Breath down her and. Sacrifices herself to detonate the bomb out of the Time Machine after Alexander Hartdegen pulls lever!

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