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I always ended up making rep PRs, so I knew I was getting stronger. However, the routine set the foundation of trying hard which I’d not really managed to establish by myself. 6 weeks on, one week off (deload) with a 3x5 of the main lift of the day for 40%, 50% then 60% and then accessories. He has developed multiple training guides that fit any number of different stages, needs and goals. I probably would have made equivalent progress on a free program. Each day is centered around one main lift. It’s an upper/lower program that is similar to 5/3/1 (one main lift each day, weight pyramids up each set, last set is an AMRAP); however, it uses a wave format, so you are using different intensities on your main movements through out the week. I pulled exclusively from the floor, again because I wanted to drill form, and because in my experience deficit pulls don’t help me very much. These qualitative standards are another means of auto-regulation. Simple. While that has been fun to me, there is a lot of people who would rather have a set number of reps with a certain number of sets at a specific percentage. Everything else however is very much set in stone by the template. Powerlifting ? The program is a program that is highly specific to the big 3 lifts. Customisation: There's so many variations of 5/3/1 ranging for 5plus, BBB, FS;L, Triumvariate, 5/3/1: Powerlifing or Football etc. Before: 5’10 170 pounds After: 173 pounds. I didn’t even do the 5th day. I really enjoyed / enjoy this template. It also has planned deloads every 5 weeks. The T3 work is performed according to the “Max rep sets” concept, where a rep-max is established in 3-4 sets of working up, then a number of sets of as many as possible are performed with short rest periods. How long do powerlifting programs last? Each day was different which kept it from getting stale, and the giant sets meant I was always on the move. periodisation/Progression: Basic linear periodisation and progression - it's a weekly percentage increase with a weekly rep decrease. You don't really get to handle much actually heavy weight until week 3 and week 6 and even then it's only for one set. Also, it was fun! I would say that exercise selection is the most customizable. UHF uses a bench or bench variation every day (2x as a T1, competition bench and slingshot, and 3x as a T2, close grip, legs up, and incline) alongside 3x a week squatting and 2x a week deadlifting. For bench and OHP I think once a week frequency just wasn’t enough for me. Overall athleticism ? The volume and intensity worked really well for me at the time. In the final week (weeks 5 and 10, since I ran the program twice) you take two singles and an AMRAP set at your training max, and based on the total number of reps achieved adjust your TM. At the time of completing the routine I was 26 years old, 5’6 (169cm) and went from 79kg to 77kg. Specificity: Wendler himself as said that 5/3/1 is NOT a powerlifting program, it's a general strength and athleticism program. I did a squat/deads and OHP/bench split, where I did Jugg sets/reps for one and 5/3/1 for the other, then rotated the next workout. At the time of this interview on October 24, 2020, Ashton Rouska held the #7 all-time ranking in powerlifting for drug-tested lifters across all weight classes with a 920 kg (2,028.2 lb) total at a bodyweight of 99.1 (218.4). You can certainly max out on shrugs sometimes, but should it be a staple of your programming? Training status and sex primarily influence the frequency and initial volume of the lifts, training days simply alter the volume of each day. As the program went on, my AMRAP sets were going up. My deadlift went up a lot. Candito's programs, like his powerlifting programs, come in Excel format. After each cycle you progress 5kg on DL and SQ and 2.5kg on BP and OHP. The 3rd Tier is the most important and the foundation for your entire pyramid. For cycle two, I increased the percentages of some of my T2 work, I added a set to each of my T1 lifts every workout, changed two or three of the T2 exercises, and about half the T3 exercises. It's fun, very customisable, you can run it for a long period of time, you get to see your numbers go up. Ivysuar 4-4-8 Program Overview Initially shared on Reddit's /r/fitness community by /u/ivysaur, the Ivysaur 4-4-8 Beginner Program was designed to improve upon the foundation laid out by popular "sets of 5" novice lifting programs like Starting Strength and Strong Lifts. After some coaxing by members here on reddit I competed in the sport. All percentages are calculated off of a 90% training max, not your true 1 rep max. How this is done successfully is further discussed within my blog Swole At Every Height, there readers will find program templates within the Compendium. Meanwhile I was able to maintain a consistently 275+ PFT and 285+ CFT while on active duty in the US Marines. ), Customisation: (Is the program customisable? You will … It is really just blocks of 6-10. The knowledge of what I can do with shorter rest periods and a giant set format will definitely be useful and I will use a modified version of this routine next time I feel like I need a kick up the backside. In the future, I will likely take a week of lighter work between 5 week cycles as well. To what degree? Ok, so there are usually three exercises a powerlifter focuses on since these are the lifts in competition. Cookies help us deliver our Services. That week was insane. So potentially bench 5x10, then close grip bench for 5/5/5+ at this point he recommends ended the workout. When I switched to a more ‘normal’ program (Average to Savage) at the beginning of 2018, I made very fast improvements. I'd recommend anyone interested to get Chad's book and give it a read. However, given my results in 5 weeks, I am very impressed with what I accomplished. The movements in this tier should primarily be your main movements or variants of as well as supporting pull movements for back development. Pros: Amazing for work capacity and conditioning. It follows the tenets of their book to use more variation farther from testing and increases it over time. This is definitely an intermediate program. The templates also comes with a workout rating system that will regulate the number of sets based on how the workouts felt. I’ve just finished GZCL’s pre-written template, UHF 5 week for two cycles. Unless you do some insane psych up for meets that leaves you on your knees with blood coming out of your eyes just use your normal max for it. OHP I hadn't tested in over a year but my last push press was just over 100kg. However, session to session fatigue was well managed and I never felt beat up going into a session. The GOAT deadlift specialist program as far as I'm concerned. I never focused on Strength Training but started my first powerlifting program with Candito’s 6 week Program in starting in May. As a beginner, I don’t really know how to gauge RPE effectively. Between 2012 and 2016 deploying and competing as able going from a 390+ (Lifts: S/B/D) to a 470+ Wilks. OMG I'm killing myself...congrats on your huge deadlift. As of right now I have finished 2 cycles of the hypertrophy program and each has led to a minor PR in the squat, and bench press. Bitta bodybuilding ? There is also a general use of lighter days / off days to insure recovery between workouts. This is from simple linear progression plans like GZCLP to more ‘off season’ style training like Jacked & Tan 2.0 that focuses more on the T3 and T2 work. You can chuck in some BB work with lots of dips, inc press, rows etc or you can go full basics with lots of dips, rows rows rows, chins/pulls, rdl's etc. but I don’t understand the need to do such light hypertrophy work with the main lifts, I mean you are already doing that with your bullshitting after the main lift. Doesn't seem small knowing your bodyweight, lol. The program's principles are borrowing from Soviet and Bulgarian weightlifting training techniques and ingeniously adapted to powerlifting. I primarily squat High Bar - I used this program to learn low bar in addition to high bar (max in table is high bar though) and took that from struggling with 235x4 in week 1, to an AMRAP of 330x7 in week 10. Conclusion: It's an OK program. ), Recommendations: (Do you have any specific recommendations about who should/shouldn’t use this program, and for what purpose, time period, etc, and in unison with/before/after any other programs, etc), Conclusion: (A brief wrap up of the program analysis and your experience with the program, and would you use it again and recommend it to others? Paused deadlifts/ Deficit Deadlifts. Four days are utilized to accommodate the increased volume. Do another. The accessories are all down to you. I had a good time with this program. The phase slightly changes rep ranges and changes some days to be active rest more than an overloading workout. And how well does it work? As a sport, powerlifting is perhaps one of the simplest. Some of my gains may be attributed to beginner gains being that I’m pretty young, but I don’t think my starting numbers were necessarily beginner numbers so draw your own conclusions there. I have used the principles outlined within the method (Source 1, 2) since my early training in the Marines, well before posting on reddit, in some form or another. Wonder prescribes 2-4 accessory exercises after the main lifts done in the 5x10!scheme. I kept exercise selection the same through the first 2 cycles. I was able to make some significant progress after coming off the program but didn’t do so while actually on it (apart from deadlifts). I loved seeing how much I could push myself at the end of the workout. Recommendations: I’d say people that really respond well to low intensity work, people who are very strong and get wrecked by 1rms. Bodyweight 214 -> 219 lbs. For example, the first block uses a TM and the second block your work is based off that day’s RM. (see this video for recommended # of blocks by CWS), As for me, I'm a relative newcomer, having trained for powerlifting for the last 12 months~ dealing with some injuries due to my own recklessness along the way.

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