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GBGB have set up the system of checking the tracks as a product certification scheme, with … Unsurprisingly, neither of these promises have been fulfilled and so we still have the ludicrous situation where dogs at Shawfield are running under English welfare regulations according to the GBGB. IP is on Microsoft-IIS/8.0 works with 375 ms speed. The new policy will be […] Therefore new licensing rules have been announced, to be introduced in 2021, which will ensure kennel standards meet the GBGB’s welfare and integrity standards. The GTA is the only official body representing trainers in the UK; embracing all forms of trainer licence under GBGB rules. Racing registered with the GBGB must adhere to the GBGB rules, as stated in ”Rules of Racing” and ”Directions of the Stewards”. After another inquiry on 17 December 2019 at Shawfield, the GBGB’s disciplinary committee ruled that Sillars had broken animal welfare rules, stating it was a “a clear case of animal abuse”. Rásaíocht Con Éireann has been advised by the Greyhound Board of Great Britain, that in compliance with Rules 83 & 84 of the Greyhound Board of Great Britain – Rules of Racing, an International Entry will only be permitted to race or trial in the UK if the greyhound has been microchipped and registered on the GBGB registry database.. Greyhounds are reported in oestrus by the trainers under the requirements of Rules 56 and 57 of the GBGB Rules of Racing. Here you can find out more about how we use them. Every greyhound competing under the care of a contracted trainer must first undergo a series of qualifying trials (usually two) over the distance the trainer wishes the dog/bitch to compete, though racing managers may at their discretion require further trials if they feel they needs further evidence of a greyhound’s ability/running style. If they have any concerns as to the heat/ humidity and conditions of the greyhounds, they should outline their rationale to the racing office with a recommendation as to suspending racing. Cookie Policy. GBGB Rules of Racing as at 29.11.19 3-3 Rule 18 Responsibility of Owner i - The Greyhound Regulatory Board shall hold the last registered Owner to be responsible for the welfare of a Greyhound and also for making acceptable arrangements for his/her retired Greyhound as follows:-a; … Closer to race time, dogs are handled by kennel staff, who will let each competitor stretch off whilst also fitting them with their trap number jacket and racing muzzle. Drug testing is in place at all our auctions. Wager Gameshow Bonus 40x to withdraw max winnings of £250. As part of our Greyhound Commitment, GBGB has launched a new Code of Practice for the operation and management of residential greyhound kennels. All persons involved with greyhounds, whether it be trainers, owners or track staff must adhere to the Rules set out by the governing body, the Greyhound Board of Great Britain. However, the GBGB (2018a) Rules of Racing … Droopys Flight will be in the mix too. Were the racing office to simply ignore these concerns then it could very easily result in a Local Inquiry with the respective track under the GBGB Rules of Racing. All greyhound-racing stadia and individuals working in the registered sector are subject to the Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) Rules of Racing and the Directions of the Stipendiary Stewards, who set the standards for greyhound welfare at the racecourses. Any suggested amendment to the Rules of Racing are debated and, if they are deemed appropriate and for the good of the sport, then implemented. say no to greyhound racing in scotland For more information about injuries in greyhound racing, see our Veterinary Director’s blog here. Receive 3x £10 Horse Racing Free Bets, plus a £10 Gameshow Bonus. Once kennelled each dog is left to rest, with nobody permitted to come into contact with them before their intended race. You must be 18 years old or over to use this site. Another nine “flapping” tracks are not licensed by the GBGB and therefore do not need to abide by the same rules of racing. The race will often take “shape” with early-paced types breaking swiftly from the traps and assuming prominent positions, whilst closely pursued by slow away types who may well be inclined to finish strongly, with the exciting action often reaching a climax off the final bend as greyhounds stretch every sinew to hit the line in front. We collect, analyse and package data for a broad range of customers. Licensed greyhound racing tracks and their operation have to meet the requirements of the GBGB Rules of Racing, which include the requirements of the Regulations. There is no charge for an international entry registration. To confuse matters slightly, there is an organisation incorporated within the GBGB which is called the Greyhound Regulatory Body (GRB). The greyhound who hits the finish line first is declared the winner, though regularly two, or possibly more greyhounds will cross the line together, leading to a photo finish and, following close inspection, potentially a dead-heat. Our skilled team of analysts are globally renowned for accuracy, credibility and judgement. 7 days a week. ... and can travel freely, we will not be able to re-open. “The GBGB operational plan for racing at tracks has been extremely effective and applauded since we started back racing in June. Data on the Timeform website is protected by © and database rights and may not be used for any purpose without a licence. PayPal and Card payments only. They provide information to help you make informed decisions about your gambling. Please bet responsibly. To create sufficient form that permits a customer to bet with confidence there are additional opportunities to provide lines of relevant form, as detailed below. Gamble Aware The race can often be defined by points, with the first bend often crucial to a greyhound’s chance of winning. Opt in and place a £10 qualifying bet at odds of 2.00 or greater on Horse Racing within 7 days of registering; excludes cashed out bets. The Gauteng Gambling Board is a statutory body established in terms of section 3 of the Gauteng Gambling Act, No 4 of 1995 as amended. This is a shocking case and Dudleys Forever has received no justice for the suffering she endured. Once kennelled each dog is left to rest, with nobody permitted to come into contact with them before their intended race. Terms of Use | Timeform is a sports data and content provider. Secondly that the GBGB Rules of Racing would be amended to include the Animal Health & Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006 in Rule 2. © 2019 The Greyhound Board of Great Britain. The Code is a broad and comprehensive manual that brings together all the existing guidance and documentation on residential kennel standards into one place so that everyone in our sport understands what is expected of them and has the knowledge, advice and support to maintain consistently high standards of care. Track depending, grades range from A1 (best) to A12. It covers all aspects of caring for a greyhound’s mental and physical health with recommendations on the construction, maintenance and management of kennels to guidelines on environmental enrichment, exercise, nutrition and dental care. Each Greyhound in a Trial or Race shall wear a Racing Jacket of a pattern approved by the GBGB and the Local Stewards, with the colour of each jacket and numeral to correspond with the Trap Number as follows: 1 Red jacket with white numeral. By Timeform — published Wednesday 12 August, 2020 at 14:32. 7-9 GBGBRules of Racing as at 15.06.18 7-9. Any amendments will appear on this site and all licencees will be informed. 4 This information is recorded along with the race form. Allowed to cool off for a period, greyhounds are then transported back to their trainer’s base for rest and recuperation. The Greyhound Racing Board of Great Britian (GBGB) was founded in 2009, as the two older organizations merged with each other: The National Greyhound Racing Club and The British Greyhound Racing Board. Bonuses expire in 7 days. Privacy Policy | 80 years of racing – established 1936. On arrival at the track all greyhounds have their identity checked and are weighed (must be within a kilo either way of its last run) whilst a vet will check each and every dog’s physical condition to ensure it is fit to race. Our sales take place at the country’s leading venues and are run under the strict rules and guidelines of the Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB), the regulatory body of greyhound racing in the United Kingdom. Photos. Prior to August 1996 betting on horse-racing and other sporting events was the only form of legal gambling in Gauteng. Site title of is | GBGB. PT Mark May accepted breaches of rule 18, 152, 174(iv) and 174(xiv)(a) of the GBGB Rules of Racing for providing false information relating to retirement information and for failing to provide information relating to a GBGB investigation. 2017 Iniurv / Retirement Data (Final) Total Iniuries 1,110 1,037 5,184 1,440 Unlike in horse racing, if a greyhound, irrespective of its finishing position, is deemed to have interfered with a rival it will not lose the prize money and the result will stand. Withdrawal of greyhounds & insufficient transport arrangements PT Jim Daly accepted breaches of rules 2, 152(i) and (ii) and Appendix II parts 10,19,23 and 25 of the GBGB Rules of Racing for insufficient transport arrangements on 26 th May 2017 resulting in the withdrawal of the greyhounds Kelva Captain and Malteser Man at Crayford Stadium. The GBGB’s own rules of racing prohibit the euthanasia of a greyhound on economic grounds by anyone other than a veterinary surgeon or someone under the direct supervision of a veterinary surgeon In addition, the Animal Welfare Act 2006 makes it a criminal offence to kill an animal in an inappropriate and inhumane manner. Position Prediction: 1, Capable of being involved at the line. Our Rules of Racing are the backbone of our sport and adhered to by all Integrity & Compliance Ensuring each race is run fairly and safely – our role as regulator decisions about your gambling. 3.2 The regulatory issue of guarding is … SkyForm - Pelaw Grange Greyhounds R1 20/09/2020 (RACING UNDER RULES OF GBGB A5) Registered racing in Great Britain is regulated by the Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) and has been UKAS accredited since 2010. Formed in 1948 and based in Yorkshire, UK Timeform are a wholly owned subsidiary of Flutter Entertainment plc. As its regulator, we take any misdemeanors very seriously and anyone found to be in violation of the Rules will be appropriately disciplined. Hollyhill Sydney is operating at a good level lately and seems likely to take the beating. RACE CARD. Once out of the traps each dog essentially runs flat out, their running style inherent and often defined from the schooling track. Back to best latest. The GBGB and all racecourses and trainers acting under this regulatory body must follow the ‘Rules of Racing’, which are stated in an extensive document covering all aspects of the sport and aim to ensure the welfare of racing Greyhounds under the most recent 2010 regulations in addition to ensuring a fair and clean sport. At any stage a GBGB steward may seek to sample dog (s) at the track in order to maintain the standards set by rules of racing. aims to promote responsibility in gambling. Click here for the Injury Data Summary 2017 (Final).pdf Home About GBGB Results / Fixtures Rules And Regulations Welfare Ownership Knowledge Base The Calendar Archives. Compiled by veterinary experts and industry specialists, alongside animal welfare partners, the Code of Practice highlights the best practice on operating and managing residential greyhound kennels. The alleged breaches against owner Mr E Armstrong were withdrawn by the Board in light of Mr May’s admission. our, Ratings and data for horses in Australia from, Some pedigree information for horse racing is supplied by. As a rule, the system sees dogs fluctuate through the grades, of course moderate or exposed runners, just like horses, tend to find themselves staying low or dropping down the graded ladder as their career lengthens. Timeform is a registered trade mark of Timeform Limited. Rules of Racing. The information below is offered purely as an aid to parties in considering any proposed amendment to the regulations. As its regulator, we take any misdemeanors very seriously and anyone found to be in violation of the Rules will be appropriately disciplined. No allowance is made for sex in graded racing and dogs and bitches compete on a level footing. Now the more mundane part of qualifying for racing is achieved, the more exciting part of competing in races can begin, and most trainers follow a very similar pattern of race day behaviour, beginning with a pre-race meal to ensure a greyhound is able to compete at it’s optimum. Once a greyhound is “graded on”, usually staring out as pup (under 2 years of age), the job of a trainer is to enhance each greyhound in their care through the graded system, the objective being to get up as high as possible (A1 standard) before hopefully, a crack at open races, if ability dictates. In total, over 313,708 lines of race form from 4453 Greyhound bitches were available for analysis, spanning the period from July 1996 to May 2012. All in the registered sector are subject to the GBGB Rules of Racing and the Directions of the Stewards, who set the standards for greyhound welfare and racing integrity, from racecourse facilities and trainers' kennels to retirement of greyhounds. Home. uses cookies. Once the race is complete greyhounds remain full of adrenaline, understandable given the nature of their job. The GRB have independent status and its key function include managing the rules of racing and setting standards for racing integrity. When a greyhound owner no longer requires a dog to be registered to race, it is a requirement of the rules of racing that they must complete a Retirement form as shown below and submit it to the GBGB. Final time is a pivotal aspect of greyhound racing and the racing manager will make a judgement on the grade the dog should compete in based on those trials. GBGB Rules of Racing are strictly adhered to by all in our sport. The Great Britain Greyhound Board (GBGB) announced that it has plans for the resumption of Greyhound racing behind closed doors once the government relaxes current restrictions to prevent the spread of Covid-19 coronavirus. Registered racing in Great Britain is regulated by the Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB). The Track. Call the National Gambling Helpline: freephone 0808 8020 133 8am to midnight, Although the GBGB have negotiated a deal with the UK Government we are not a GBGB track, and we are in Scotland. GBGB Rules of Racing are strictly adhered to by all in our sport. The final objective is to ensure all remain well hydrated and washed off. Not known for quick starts. New Customers only. An extensive list is provided on their website at, including welfare standards to ensure greyhounds are cared for whilst racing and into retirement. The GTA has a committee in place that includes a wide range of trainers, from experienced ‘large kennel’ trainers to smaller trainers with only a few dogs in their kennel. All greyhound racing takes place on sand, predominantly level break races run over four bend distances from 380-500 metres. These kennels can … Greyhound Race & Trial Form Sufficient trial form is required to permit a greyhound to grade onto the track in accordance with the GBGB Rules of Racing as an absolute minimum. Position Prediction: 2, Looks a natural for top company soon judged on its trials. Position Prediction: 3. The Code builds on the BSI Publicly Available Specification (PAS 251: 2017) to ensure there is clarity over the high standards expected for the operation and management of residential greyhound kennels as there is for GBGB licensed racecourses. Each dog will then get their identity checked, to ensure the correct dogs are lining up against each other, before being presented for parade in front of the grandstand for spectators to view and ultimately make their selection. To help minimise stresses associated with transportation, it is important to ensure that greyhounds are able to stand up at full height and turn around at all times. Stewards’ Inquiries are held both locally and at the London headquarters and disciplinary action is taken against anyone found failing to comply. We believe that all data collected from section D should be made available to any member of the public via a Freedom of Information request to allow transparency. Of course not every greyhound can emerge as a Derby contender, or even an open race prospect, and one of the most important aspects of greyhound racing is the grading system, the aim of course being for each track to provide competitive, exciting racing achievable by placing dogs of similar ability against one another, and providing each of the six dogs in any particular race with an equal chance. Learn how greyhounds are graded and the strict rules and regulations that owners and trainers must follow in order for their dogs to reach the track. Any suggested amendment to the Rules of Racing are debated and, if they are deemed appropriate and for the good of the sport, then implemented. However, it may well be required to face subsequent clearing trials or ultimately disqualification from future races, on account of being awkward or causing deliberate interference. All rights reserved. The provisional proposal consists of five phases, the duration of which will be about two weeks each. Everyone involved with the sport and concerned with the plan has acted incredibly responsibly and adhered to government advice. World ranking 358117 altough the site value is $6 060. At any stage a GBGB steward may seek to sample dog (s) at the track in order to maintain the standards set by rules of racing. By navigating our site, you agree to allow us to use cookies, in accordance with To help personalise content, tailor your experience and help us improve our services, Timeform Pelaw Grange Greyhound Stadium is a family owned business, racing under GBGB (Greyhound Board of Great Britain) rules and is situated in Pelaw Grange, Chester Le Street in the North East of England. The Disciplinary Committee ordered that Mr … It has been in the McKenna family since January 1965 and is now managed by Jeff McKenna. By using this website you’re confirming that you’re happy to accept our use of cookies. Racing greyhounds are also regularly transported to racetracks. Greyhounds are placed into starting traps assigned by the racing office, giving each competitor an equal chance of breaking on terms.

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