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By late spring, levels fall as the downstream demand for water increases. Located in the desert scrub brush country just 30 miles north of metropolitan Phoenix, Lake Pleasant – the core of Lake Pleasant Regional Park – has become the most popular outdoor recreation spot in Arizona. He is wonderful company and always shares his new techniques with me. From the first minute, Warren was focused 100 % on me and the fellow fisherman onboard on having a wonderful time. Size: approximately 2000 acres. Lake Pleasant comprises three zones of water. It now impounds the water, not only from the river system, but also that conveyed across the state from Lake Havasu by the Central Arizona Project (CAP) canal. He couldn't wait to get home and let the family know what they missed. Despite its pussycat appearance when seen in repose, the bobcat is quite fierce Various clubs and organizations schedule amateur to pro-national events each year. Fishing guide services are also available at Lake Pleasant. Angler Guide provides fishing enthusiasts with relevant information about fishing Lake Pleasant and the rivers, streams and lakes in Arizona. The main entrance to Lake Pleasant is located two miles north of State Route 74 off Castle Hot Springs Road. It was really more like going out with your fishing buddies. For more information and a complete list, click here. Off-road riding in your area, plus instruction, rentals, and dealers. First met him when he picked me up from shore about a mile from the 4 lane ramp right before sunset. You will come highly recommended by me to all my friends! Lake Pleasant has been managed and owned by the same family since 1962 and boasts the only camping resort along a bass fishing Lake in the Southern Cape. The park is located within the municipal boundaries of Peoria, Arizona, and serves as a major recreation hub for the northwest Phoenix metropolitan area. Lake Pleasant Regional Park offers two boat launching ramps: 4-lane and 10-lane. Warren made me feel really welcome and looked after me and the other fisherman all day long. The Largemouth & Striper Bite Is Rated Good To Excellent As The Water Temperatures SEASONAL HOURS. Thank you for helping my son and I catch our first fish!! The lake covered something over 3,000 surface acres before the new, and much larger, Waddell Dam was finished in November, 1992. Moreau Lake State Park. I can’t wait to fish with Warren again!!! I went on a fishing trip with Warren from Reel'em in Adventures and had a great time! The park’s 23,662 acres offer an ideal destination for boating and camping enthusiasts. The entrance provides access to the visitor center, a 10-lane boat ramp, staff headquarters, and the Desert Tortoise and Roadrunner campgrounds. Went out with Reel’em In Adventures and it was probably the best fishing experience I have ever had with a fishing charter company! (Rates, availability and reservations online.). Sign up below or read more about the DesertUSA newsletter here. have shown bobcats subsist on a diet of rabbits, ground squirrels, mice, pocket In the upstream channels and drainages, the water, which covers a forest of submerged vegetation, is shallow, turbid and nutrient-rich. Check Out These Lakes And More On Our Guided Fishing Adventures /Tours And Our Weekly Fishing Report, Here On Our Website. These voracious feeders gather in large schools in search of bait, and have been seen in Lake Pleasant in schools as large as a mile wide. You really do know your "honey holes" at Lake Pleasant! We look forward to another incredible time, until then FISH ON!!!! We are scheduling again soon!! In the spring, levels are held steady to foster the bass spawn. AZ Game & Fish - Fishing Resources, Rules, etc; Online Fishing License It has raised speculation that it could even yield a new world record. In my opinion, he has mastered the bite from the fish below to be able to set the hook so consistently when he fishes. Just South of 16th St. & Camelback Rd. View Video about The Black Widow Spider. My wife’s dad and our friend fished with Reel ‘em In Adventures catching 146 Striped Bass and two Channel Catfish. Paloma Lake Community Park, is a brand new 120 acre park that just opening October of 2020 and offers 5-acre urban lake stocked with a variety of fish that includes: for Rainbow Trout, Channel Catfish, Largemouth Bass, Sunfish and White Amur.. Urban Fishing Program. Visitors will find an array of facilities and services at Lake Pleasant. Fishing Schedule Current Water Temp as of 12/12/20 at 5:30pm 59.4 degrees All fishing trips are one-on-one as I will teach you how to catch fish successfully at Lake Pleasant. Family friendly bass fishing on Roosevelt Lake, Saguaro Lake & Canyon Lake in Phoenix AZ area. Fishing in the desert? on! Turn west and proceed for approximately 11 miles to Pleasant Harbor Drive. During closures on the west side of Lake Pleasant Regional Park, park visitors may still access the lake via Pleasant Harbor. This site is not meant to be used as a guide for where to fish. Now you get one every once in a while. and is equipped to kill animals as large as deer. Today, Lake Pleasant is a popular recreation area due to it’s proximity to the Phoenix Valley.

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